“Challenges for Law Guardians:  The Attorney for the Child in the New Era”


             NYS Bar Association Annual Meeting, January 30, 2009




                                         Table of Contents


Speaker biographies:


     John E. Carter, Jr.

     George E. Reed, Jr.

     Hon. Edwina Richardson-Mendelson

     Crystal Screen

     Dr. Lyn Slater

     Merril Sobie

     Gary S. Solomon

     Hon. Jeffrey Sunshine


Perspective:  New Era in Representing Children

     By:  Tamara Steckler and Gary S. Solomon


Giving Children a Meaningful Voice:  The Role of the Child’s Lawyer in Child Protective, Permanency and Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings

     By:  Gary S. Solomon


Function of the Attorney for the Child.  Rule 7.2

     By:  Harriet S. Weinberger


Ethics for Attorneys for Children – Article and Cases

     By:  Tracy M. Hamilton


In Camera Interviews

     By:  Harriet R. Weinberger


Selected 2008 Cases on the Role of the Law Guardian

     By:  George E. Reed, Jr.


Challenges for Law Guardians:  Fact Patterns for Discussion

      Edited by:  George E. Reed, Jr.



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