“Beyond the Family Court:  Appeals and Collateral Review”


             New York State Bar Association Annual Meeting, January 29, 2010


                                         Table of Contents


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Speaker biographies:

John A. Cirando

Cynthia Feathers

David J. Lansner

Claire V. Merkine

George E. Reed, Jr.

Hon. Edward O. Spain

Judith Waksberg

Preserving Issues for Appeal:  Procedural and Evidentiary Considerations

            by        John A. Cirando


Commencing an Appeal:  Notice of Appeal

            by        Claire V. Merkine


Bringing Stays in the Appellate Division:  Nuts and Bolts

            by        Claire V. Merkine


Brief Writing

            by        Cynthia Feathers


Effective Brief Writing and Oral Argument

            by        Hon. Edward O. Spain


Dealing with Changed Circumstances and Changed Minds:  Ethical Considerations

            by        Judith Waksberg


Recent Cases on Appellate Remands in Termination of Parental Rights

            by        Gary S. Solomon


Clearing Your Name:  A Step-by-Step Guide Through the New York State Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment

            by        Lansner & Kubitschek


Liability of Child Protective and Foster Care Agencies and Caseworkers

            by        David J. Lansner


Appellate Standards for Attorneys for the Child (Excerpts from Standards)

            by        Committee on Children and the Law


Excerpts, Practice Manual for Children’s Lawyers

            by        Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice


                        Volume One: Representing Children in Child Welfare Proceedings, Part One - Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

                        Volume Two: Representing Children in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings, Part Three: Fact-Finding Hearings, Ethics and Appeals



                                                            Procedures in Particular Appellate Courts



Family Court Appellate Handbook

            by        Appellate Division, Second Department


Family Court Appeals: Guidelines for Assigned Counsel

            by        Appellate Division, Fourth Department


Appellate Tips and Pointers:

            Top 20 Appellate Tips and Pointers

            Family Court Appeals – Tips from A to Z

            Practical Pointers for Attorneys for the Child, on Appeal


            by        Appellate Division, Fourth Department


Fourth Department Family Court Motion Practice

            by        Alan L. Ross


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