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Resources for practitioners in Family Law, Divorce, Custody and Visitation, Neglect and Abuse (Child Protective Proceedings), Juvenile Delinquency, Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS), Family Offenses, Foster Care and Adoptions. 

For a list of individual placement agencies in progress, click here:  Placements.  For links to agencies (various resources, not only placements) and lists of agencies, see Agency Lists

Legal research resources -- Case Law:

Supreme Court of the United States
Decisions of the New York Court of Appeals, 1992-date.
Recent decisions:
  Court of Appeals
  Appellate Division:  Third Department
                                 Fourth Department

Recent Appellate Division Decisions
Calendars and Decisions in N.Y. Supreme Court (not Family Court) -- see new official OCA site
See also OCA decision web page for decisions of a few miscellaneous courts.
Second Circuit
Some larger states having their decisions on line:
Calif., Fla., Ill., Mich., Ohio, Pa.
Judge Dickerson (Westchester Co.) articles and cases

See also Appeals web page. 

Statutes, Rules and Regulations:

NYS Statutes -- there are two choices:
      NYS Statutes on Senate site
      NYS Statutes on Assembly site

US Code on House site;
US Code on Cornell University site

Court rules - recent amendments

Forms - OCA site
  (list of 51 recently revised forms)
List of 80 New or Revised Family Court Forms (and 61 rescinded forms), as of
October 11, 2002.

List of new Order of Protection Forms, as of November 7, 2002

Status of bills in N.Y. Legislature:
bill status on Assembly site (new & improved)

Legal research links, generally:

See NYSDA legal research page - very comprehensive
OCA legal research page
Erie County  Assigned Counsel  legal research links

Prison search

Sex offender search

NYS Government
County governments

New York State Statistics

Child Support
Various legal forms
Findlaw NY resources
Format for citations ("Blue Book")
Find lawyers by name

Websites relating to Children and the Law:

ABA  -- Family Law
Children's Defense Fund
Child Welfare League of America
Citizens' Committee for Children of New York Inc.

Howard A. Levine Award -- Past Honorees

Legal Aid Society (NYC) links
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
(the federal agency).  Includes:
  OJJDP resources
  OJJDP links
Statewide Youth Advocacy

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